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Epping’s Foremost Coaching College in Tutoring for Primary and High School Students


English, Maths and Science are difficult. There’s no denying it. If it were easy, there would never have been a need for Pascal to invent the calculator. It is, however, an important part of our secondary learning and is a useful tool in the “real world” once you graduate. Infinity Maths College (IMC) strive to positively influence the way students relate to and interact with English, Mathematics and Science through tutoring. Most problems stem from a lack of confidence due to not fully understanding the teacher’s explanation and being too shy, reserved or simply afraid to ask in front of peers. IMC provides a safe, private environment within our coaching college, in which our Epping students can learn and thrive in their primary and high school English, Mathematics and Science marks outside of the intimidating classroom construct.


Escalate your OC, Selective or HSC marks to a Band 6 (90%) result with our tutoring services!

We truly believe there is nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it and work hard to achieve it. The same is true for our students and their engagement with primary and high school English, Mathematics and Science. The primary goal for our tutors at IMC is to provide students with a deeper, stronger understanding of the mechanics behind any given equation. By allowing students to work within their means with professional help and direction from one of our tutors, IMC is a safe space where potential is nurtured, and personal discovery is encouraged. While rote learning is sometimes necessary, that can be done at home. At our coaching college, our tutors focus more on ensuring their students ask questions about the how and the why, to better prepare them for their primary and high school English, Mathematics and Science. Once students truly understand, solutions begin to come more naturally, results begin to improve, and confidence is restored, increasing their overall motivation.


When everything just clicks!


There’s nothing better than the joy you share with a student when they achieve a goal they’ve set their mind to and worked hard to achieve. As a part of that journey, we, as tutors, take so much pride in students even when they have the smallest of breakthroughs. The moment you see the cogs all click into place is worth every moment of repetition and explanation. The release of anxiety and stress is often physically visible and the sense of relief for the student often spurs them on to work even harder on the next module.


Find a tutor at Infinity Maths College today


With our coaching college located along the Pacific Highway in Gordon, our tutoring services are conveniently place for Sydney students from Epping, Chatswood, Hornsby and the North Shore to meet and work towards a common goal through thoughtful coaching! Get in touch with one of our IMC representatives today on (02) 8033 0482 or shoot us an email by using our simple online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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