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Improve Your English, Maths and Science Results with Infinity Maths College

​Infinity Maths College (IMC) is an Englsih, Mathematics and Science coaching college for primary and high school students of all levels. We focus on small group tuition with students of similar ability but can accommodate private, one-on-one tuition if the need arises.

​How can I achieve a Band 6/90% result in my OC, Selective, IB or HSC exams?

Firstly, you need to be willing to put in the effort. Although it is beneficial to practice routine questions repeatedly, it is just as important to be guided through questions that gradually increase in difficulty so that you can understand the underlying principles and how that can be manipulated to answer examination questions. This is what we offer at IMC. We expose our students to exam-style questions in a safe, encouraging environment and one of our tutors will assist you with step-by-step guidance. 

Relieve the stress and pressure on your child

We believe English, Mathematics and Science are difficult subjects to succeed in and it is essential for students to work and revise regularly. However, an excessive amount of homework can create unnecessary stress on students and can lead to a lack of motivation. At IMC, we provide the most effective coaching, aiming to help students to achieve their personal best with minimal stress. Once your child knows they can do it, they begin to build their confidence. With greater confidence, the pressure of exams will contribute far less to their final HSC result.

Convenient location for convenient service

Located in Gordon on the Pacific Highway, we are ideally located for Sydney students from North Shore, Chatswood, Epping and Hornsby. If you are interested in our English, Mathematics and Science tuition services, have a look around or contact us by sending an email to or on our convenient online contact form. Alternatively, you may like to contact us directly by phoning (02) 8033 0482. One of our IMC representatives is ready and waiting for your call.

Don’t take our word for it – hear from our students!

​Still not convinced? We believe that results speak louder than words, so let our students speak for our success. Check out our recent student testimonials to hear what students think of us. 

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