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A Primary or High school English, Maths and Science Specialist Is Ready to Help You with Private Tutoring in Gordon

English, Maths and Science are hard work but, at Infinity Maths College (IMC), we provide the guidance and environment in which you can thrive. An Infinity Maths College tutor can help you improve your primary or high school marks and, more importantly, better understand English, Mathematics and Science concepts. Our specialists inspire our students to build a positive relationship with these often-intimidating primary or high school subjects by providing encouragement, support and a safe environment in which to learn.

Are you desperate to achieve a Band 6 (90%) result for your OC, Selective or HSC exams?

We can help make that wish come true! But not without hard work and commitment from you, our student. Building self-confidence is one of our primary focusses as it is the number one cause of anxiety and frustration in English, Mathematics and Science. We need our students to believe they can do it by showing them that they can through effective coaching strategies. This involves starting with simple similar problems and building up towards the more difficult equations. Once a student believes they “can,” they are much calmer when presented a problem and their minds are more open to absorb information. Learning through a frustrated haze of angst is never any benefit to anyone. It is our mission to relieve that stress so our students can focus their energy on the equation at hand.

Care and understanding is paramount at Infinity Maths College

Our tutors are happy to go at any pace, explaining as many times, in as many different ways they can, until it clicks with their students. No question is silly, no mistake is unacceptable; our tutors are there for their students no matter what their needs. They love their jobs as they count themselves lucky to be part of their students’ journey. Seeing them hit learning milestones and achieve their study goals is what gets them up in the morning.

Visit our convenient Gordon location for English, Maths and Science coaching!​

Located in Gordon on the Pacific Highway, IMC is a great location for Sydney students from Gordon, HornsbyEppingChatswood and the North Shore to meet and share a common study goal. To join one of our small group tutoring sessions or to enquire about private tuition and coaching, call us today on (02) 8033 0482. Alternatively, you may like to send an email to We always look forward to meeting our next student!

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