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Excel With North Shore’s Private Tutoring College

Infinity Maths College (IMC) was designed and built for our students to foster positive interaction with English, Mathematics and Science through thoughtful coaching. We are passionate about teaching and strive to help you achieve your best in your primary and high school tests and exams. With a cohort consisting of students of all levels, we have small group or private tuition available.

What can I do to get a Band 6 (90%) mark?


The best thing you can do to improve your results is to work hard — putting the time and effort into your studies will always have a positive effect on your marks. However, “book bashing” without a sound understanding of the principles will do you no good. There is no shame in employing extra help when preparing for your OC, selective or HSC exams on subjects you don’t naturally excel at and, as English, Maths  and Science are complex subjects, a private tutor is always beneficial.

At IMC, we agree that rote learning is an important part of the study of English, Mathematics and Science but it just that: a part. We are also advocates of progressive learning, increasing the difficulty of questions at the student’s pace. It is our goal for our students to understand the root mechanics of any given problem so that they can assess the best way to solve it. We provide exam-standard questions for our students to solve in an innocuous environment. With the professional and personalised tutelage of our team at our tutoring college, our students have the advantage of thorough explanation — something that school curriculum teachers often aren’t afforded the time to provide.

Confidence is the key!

English, Maths and Science is, without a doubt, some of the most complex of the subjects students study – especially if the child doesn’t have a natural aptitude for numbers or is from a non-English speaking background. At Infinity Maths College, we intend to avoid our students worrying themselves into bad results through our considered coaching and tutoring strategies. “I can” is the mantra we teach by and it is our aim to provide a safe and encouraging environment for our students, taking the pressure off and allowing them to learn at their own pace. Practicing the same formula is useless if students don’t first understand the mechanics and, once they do, their confidence soars, reducing anxiety, increasing their motivation and ultimately improving their test results.

A professional North Shore Primary and High School tutor is waiting for you

Our coaching college is conveniently located in Gordon on the Pacific Highway, central to Sydney students from the North Shore, Chatswood, Epping and Hornsby. To make contact with one of our representatives you can call (02) 8033 0482 or send us an email at

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