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To most people, English, Mathematics and Science do not come naturally. Many top authors, mathematicians and scientists weren’t necessarily apt at the subject from the very beginning. They had to work hard and really apply themselves to the concepts that didn’t come as easily to them. The same goes for students studying in primary or high school. At Infinity Maths College (IMC), we don’t expect you to be a genius. Not at all! We are a tutoring college here to help you with both the basics and the more complex concepts involved in primary and high school English, Maths  and Science through tailored coaching. We know English, Maths and Science is not everyone’s forte, but we hope to be a positive influence on the relationship our students experience with this often-feared subject, providing them with the confidence they need to reach their potential both in coursework and their final exams.

Want to increase your results to Band 6 (90%) for OC, Selective or HSC exams?

Learning is a simple word and concept, doing so in a competitive manner is not. Only with self-motivation and proper guidance will primary and high school students find success in their OC, Selective or HSC exams. Repetitive exercises are important, but should be limited as they tend to become a burden. At IMC, we are fully aware of this and so our uniquely designed materials will both provide foundation skills practice as well as intriguing higher level materials to suit all level of students. Learning can be "fun" as our student says at IMC!

Our impassioned instructors inform and inspire

Each of our tutors love what they do. Watching their students learn and seeing the penny drop when they begin to understand a linguistic, Mathematical or Science module is what inspires them from day to day. Seeing the smallest breakthroughs can be the most rewarding as they are the beginning of the snowball that begins to build as it all falls into place. Our tutors’ main goal is to help students achieve their goals — whatever they may be — by reducing the stress and anxiety associated with English, Mathematics and Science.

Join other students from Hornsby at Infinity Maths College

On the Pacific Highway, the Gordon location of our coaching college provides great access to Sydney students from Hornsby, Epping, Chatswood and the North Shore. To learn more about the tutoring and coaching at our college, call today on (02) 8033 0482 or write an email and send it to

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