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College Coaching – Small Group and Private Tutoring For Students in Chatswood

At Infinity Maths College (IMC), we understand how difficult English, Mathematics and Science can be, particularly at primary and high school level. It is our goal to change our students’ relationship with the subject and increase their confidence and autonomy with both rudimentary and more complex problems through personalised coaching. Our past students have gone on to achieve much higher results in coursework and exams for OC, selective and HSC English, Maths and Science thanks to our comprehensive private and group tutoring services.


Can I improve my marks to Band 6 (90%) for OC, Selective or HSC exams?


This is something we are asked daily at IMC and the answer is always yes! Our “can do” philosophy is what inspires our students to push themselves, working harder to achieve better results. If students aren’t achieving the results they want, the root of the problem for most students is confidence. Confidence comes from a deeper, more holistic understanding of the core principles of each linguistic, mathematical and science module. At Infinity Maths College, our tutors allow students to work at their own pace in private tutoring sessions or in small groups, providing thorough support, assistance, and coaching when necessary but also encouraging them to make their own discoveries without help. Rote learning can be effective for some English, Maths and Science problems but, at IMC, we believe that the best way to learn is to understand the why and the how. With exam-style questions, our coaching college prepares our Chatswood students to think strategically in a safe environment to build the self-assurance they need once they get into an exam.



Our tutors live for the moment it all clicks!


Our private tutors love to teach. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t. But what makes our job so great is seeing the exact moment it all clicks. Seeing our student get the hang of a particular problem or formula is what makes our job so rewarding. It is a moment of relief for our students and we love making such a significant difference to their level of anxiety and concern. After this moment, results improve staggeringly — all from a little extra time and care. With soaring confidence, our students can combat their exams head-on and feel positive about their primary and high school English, Maths and Science experience.



The coaching college to help build your academic confidence


In our Gordon-located coaching college, conveniently placed on the Pacific Highway, our private and group tutoring services help Sydney students from Chatswood, Epping, Hornsby and the North Shore. Making contact with a tutor is easy with our simple online form. Otherwise, you may prefer to speak to someone personally on (02) 8033 0482.

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