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What is different about IMC?

When it comes to tuition services it is natural for us to refer to large-scale commercial coaching colleges with group sizes of 20 to 30 students and the endless sets of arduous homework tasks that they provide students every week.  No doubt there are a number of successful students that stand out from these colleges, but one must consider with such a large number of students in the cohort, whether the success is a result of the teaching methodology or is the success purely down to the individual. Furthermore, in such a cohort, inevitably there are those students that struggle which the colleges obviously do not advertise about. This is the question we focused on when IMC was being established - how to ensure EVERY student achieves their personal best? We believe a student learns best in an environment with a reasonable amount of students in the class, and the key being, these students are of similar ability. At IMC, we focus on quality rather than quantity, we control group sizes, set reasonable amount of weekly homework targeting exam style questions, spend minimal amount of resources on advertisements and most importantly, we care about our students, each and every single one of them.

Most coaching colleges offer a full range of coaching for all subjects, we don’t. We specialise in the the highest standard of Mathematics coaching only. We offer tutoring for students from year 7 to 12 studying any level of Mathematics.  We have experienced friendly staff but we do have a strict set of rules that students must obey to ensure a civilised learning environment is maintained. The teaching system we employ encourage students to analyse problems themselves as we believe information we process stay better with us than information we are told.